“Weee!  This is fun!” shouted Frizzy Tizzy.  The
more Daddy pushed her on the swing the higher she
went.  Frizzy Tizzy wanted to go on the slides before
they went home.  She ran toward the slides and
decided she wanted to try going down the bigger
slide this time because she always goes down the
smaller slide.  She saw lots of other kids going down
that slide and thought if they can do it so can she.  
Frizzy Tizzy climbed the stairs to go down the slide,
but when she got to the top she was afraid to go
down.  Frizzy Tizzy felt the ground looked so far from
up there.
Children learn to express themselves through
literature. They look at the pictures and allow
their imagination to take them away as they
explore new words.  They put themselves in the
story, which is what makes reading fun.
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Frizzy Tizzy Goes to the Park-book cover
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Frizzy Tizzy Gets New Shoes-book cover
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Frizzy Tizzy picture books are for children three years old and up.  These
books are about an interracial family.  They contain colourful pictures for a
visual of what is happening.  These books contain a conflict and a resolution,
which is what children deal with everyday.  Children will have fun reading
these books because they can relate.